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Trackerbot saves you over 2 hours every day and boosts your sales by automatically grabbing and uploading all tracking numbers from your suppliers to your eBay orders.

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What is TrackerBot?

These are some of TrackerBot Great Features. Explore the possibilities...

Save Time

Users save an average of 2 hours per day by letting Trackerbot do the heavy lifting.

Numerous Suppliers

TrackerBot supports the widest range of suppliers in the industry! If you need an additional one, just reach out and we will add it for you.

Manage Your Orders

TrackerBot offers you a comprehensive dashboard which provides you with an up-to-date view of all orders, their tracking status and much more!

Boost Sales

eBay loves active sellers! Using TrackerBot increases your account activity which boosts your sales!

Non-stop activity

TrackerBot works 24/7 and never misses an order! Trackers are uploaded every 5 minutes.

Fully customizable

Trackerbot supports a wide range of custom options to best suit your needs.

Supported Suppliers

We are adding new suppliers all the time. Reach out to us, if you would like to see a new one added.

Our Prices

We offer great plans. Find the one that suits your needs.



14-day free trial

Up to 150 tracking numbers

1 eBay account

5 Gmail accounts

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14-day free trial

Up to 2000 tracking numbers

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3 eBay account

10 Gmail accounts

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If you need a larger plan, we can offer a customized solution just for you. Drop us a note:

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What Customers Say

We are a small team with great dedication to the success of our customers.


Trackerbot has helped me become a Top Rated Seller in a month! I constantly forgot to upload tracking numbers on time but no need to worry about that any more!


Since I signed up to Trackerbot I spend much less time dealing with orders and tracking numbers. To be honest I didn’t even know I needed a tool like that and I am so happy I found it!


Before I started using Trackerbot it took me about an hour a day to upload the tracking numbers manually. And now this is just out of my daily routine.


Uploading tracking numbers used to be one of my most unpleasant daily tasks and I am truly thankful to Trackerbot for that I don’t have to do it any more!


With hundreds of orders every month this tool helped me improve my business and saved me so many hours! Thanks

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